New details revealed for Cars Route 66 at Disneyland Paris

It’s not all gloom as new details revealed for Cars Route 66 Road Trip attraction at Disneyland Paris! This highly anticipated attraction is due to debut in 2021 at Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris! Together, Disney Imagineers and Pixar have designed a family-friendly journey ride, where guests will discover some wacky roadside attractions along the famous Route 66 highway!

Today’s new details of the Cars Route 66, include the attraction’s new boarding stations, inspired and modelled on mid-century modern architecture. This will be your gateway to the wonders awaiting you on Route 66! Check out the concept art photo below!

Guests will enter the station through the tourist booth filled with maps, postcards and other decorative items, (check out the awesome photo below). The loading station, which as you can see from the photo is halfway through its construction, is the first building to be constructed outside the current perimeter of Walt Disney Studios Park. This new part, featuring the first step in the expansion of the Walt Disney Studios will link to Toy Story Playland- exciting!

Walt Disney Studios Expansion

Here at Chip and Co, we are so excited for the Walt Disney Studios expansion coming to Disneyland Paris, including the new Cars attraction above, as well as Frozen land, Star Wars land and Avengers land. Check out the first look for the new Frozen Land here! We simply cannot wait for new attractions, shops and night-time spectaculars promised in the new expansion!

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Tessa H