New Baby Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Baby Animal

Disney’s Animal Kingdom gained two new family members! The animal care team welcomed two babies to the herd at Walt Disney World. The new babies are a Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal and a sitatunga calf. Both are healthy males. The two babies are easing into their environment. Guests can find these baby animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The baby sitatunga is a type of antelope found in the marshlands and swamp areas in Central Africa. The sitatunga enjoy marshy habitats. Habitat loss is one of the biggest concerns for their species, but Disney is taking part in conservation efforts. Wildlife conservation efforts are vital to the survival of many animal species. Wildlife experts work towards protecting the future of the sitatunga species. Being mindful about our planet and caring for animal life show why conservation efforts are so important.

The Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal is bonding with his parent. These zebras are from the mountain regions of Southern Africa, such as Angola and Namibia. Plus, the Hartmann’s mountain zebra is considered a vulnerable species. As a result, these zebras are being carefully watched and protected.

Seeing these baby animals will delight many guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Will any of our readers visit this Disney resort in the near future? Keep an eye out for these new animals!

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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Kevin Koszola