New 1-Hour Boarding Group Window for Rise of the Resistance

New 1-Hour Boarding Group Window for Rise of the Resistance

There is a new 1-hour window for Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups at Walt Disney World!

Since its opening, the newest ride in Hollywood Studios – Rise of the Resistance – has been the most talked about and most popular attraction in Disney history.

To combat lines and wait times, Disney created a Boarding Group system for this ride. As soon as you are in the park and the park is “officially” open, you can login to your My Disney Experience app and join a Boarding Group. The Boarding Group is typically several hours later which allows you to enjoy your time in the theme park in other ways.

Previously, you would be notified 2 hours prior to when your Boarding Group would be able to access the attraction. Now, guests will be given a 1-hour window instead of a 2-hour window depending on park capacity.

Backup boarding groups will continue to be distributed as necessary throughout the day.

Source: Disney. 

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