Minnie Vans for Sale at local Florida dealership

Update: It has been confirmed that the Minnie Vans that were spotted at a dealership in Florida were not for sale, they were just in for service. 

The Twitter user was contacted by Disney and asked to pull down their tweet. 


A Twitter user posted UNCONFIRMED information stating they saw some Minnie Vans for sale at a local Floriday Chevy Dealership which turned out to be untrue.

According to the post, the Chevy Dealership is in the Tampa area and had them for sale for $45,000, which is around the going rate for a Used Chevy Suburban.


Here is the latest information on the Minnie Van Service at Walt Disney World:

Minnie Van service is temporarily unavailable at Walt Disney World Resort. Please note that Minnie Van service to and from Orlando International Airport will not be available for bookings until further notice, including as either a package add-on or standalone option. We are working with guests with existing Minnie Van bookings to arrange alternate transportation during their stay.

We have not heard anything more from Disney on the future of the Minnie Van service at Walt Disney World.

This reminds me of when we happened to stumble across some of the cabins from the Ft Wilderness which were actually for sale in Florida!


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  1. This is fake news. 😂 as a former MV cast member, get your facts straight please. Stop using our pain for clickbait. They aren’t being sold – they’re all still sitting in the epcot parking lot. 🙂

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