Hollywood Studios guests get into argument with those not wearing masks

Hollywood Studios fight

In Florida news, the Orlando Sentinel reveals the details of a recent incident occurring at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The incident involved two guest parties in disagreement of the theme park mask policy. The exchange is one of the rare, unfortunate disputes in recent months at Disney.

At Disney, an elderly Hollywood Studios visitor got into an argument and then was attacked by two strangers from a large family group who weren’t all wearing masks after they took shelter from the rain by the bathrooms near the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office report.

One man punched the senior in the head and then a woman from the family joined in, hitting the victim after he fell on the ground. The man was not seriously hurt. However, the family left the park before the sheriff’s office could arrest anyone during the Sept. 17 incident, the report said.

Even though it’s unfortunate news regarding this incident, Disney does commit itself to the health and safety of guests. They do work hard on maintaining the magic of Disney with their current mask policy.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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Kevin Koszola