Mickey Candy Corn Lights Add A Not So Scary Halloween Glow

Mickey Candy Corn Lights

I am already in full Boo to You Halloween mode, and decorating up a storm! While searching for new Disney Halloween decorations, I came across these adorable Mickey Candy Corn Lights. I just think they are just the cutest thing ever.

Mickey Candy Corn Lights

There are three versions available, a classic Candy Corn, a Candy Corn with Mickey’s face, and a Mickey ghost candy corn. All of them of course are adorned with Mickey’s iconic smile! They are available from Main Street Marvels for just $18.00 apiece. The classic candy corn is a rounded “cand corn” shape, in the classic white. orange, and yellow with Mickey’s ears.

Next up we have the Mickey Jack-o-Lantern light! This is just like the classic one but is carved with Mickey’s beloved jack-o-lantern face.

Mickey Candy Corn Lights

Last we have the Ghost Micke Candy Corn! This one has the classic candy corn shape, but instead of the iconic fall color trio, it is a plain ghoulish white. It is also topped with a smiling Mickey face, and how could we forget the Micke Mouse Ears!!

These new Mickey Candy Corn Lights, look like a fun and cute way to add a little Halloween magic to any room! I actually ordered one for myself the moment I stumbled onto the site.

What do you think of these cute Halloween inspired Disney lights?

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