Mayor Demings “Fairly Comfortable” with Disney World Reopening

disney world reopening

The Disney World reopening is starting this coming weekend. Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will reopen Saturday, July 11, with Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios reopening Wednesday, July 15.

In a recent press conference, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings addressed a question regarding his opinion of the decision for the Disney World Parks to reopen. Here’s what he said:

“At this point, I’m fairly comfortable with the decision that Disney has made to reopen because of the extent that they have gone through to ensure it’s a safe environment. Again, we saw something positive today in terms of the lowering of the positivity rate within the last week and some of the other things.

So we have to take the good news where there’s bad news, as well, and we have to try to get our economy stimulated. But we don’t want to do that at the expense of risking people’s safety. What Disney reviewed with all of us several weeks ago now should be in place, and we’ll just have to monitor it going forward.”

While Demings is “fairly comfortable” with Disney World reopening, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shared he has “no doubt” that Disney World will be a safe environment.

Disney has many protocols in place to keep guests and Cast Members healthy and safe while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. We hope that all who visit the parks follow the safety measures and stay healthy!

You can see the entire press conference with Mayor Demings here.

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One thought on “Mayor Demings “Fairly Comfortable” with Disney World Reopening

  1. I will not be going anytime soon, the main reason being that even though Disney is taking immense safety measures, it has been proven in the past couple of months that too many of our fellow Americans cannot control their own actions to think about the well-being of others in crowds. It’s only “me me me”. I can wait until it’s MUCH safer to go. Also, with the condition Florida is in, with higher numbers of positive cases every day, and government in denial, the parks should not even open yet.

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