Maple Bacon Churro Spotted at Disney California Adventure Park!

Maple Bacon Churro Spotted at Disney California Adventure Park!

Calling all Churro lovers!  We have a real #snackgoals right here! A new Maple Bacon Churro was spotted at Disneyland Resorts as part of the Mickey celebration event.

Guests visiting the California Adventure Park can find this yummy treat located at the Churros cart near Redwood Creek Challenge Traill.  The trail, located in Grizzly Peak, is a great place for guests to explore, climb, swing and play on a wilderness adventure suitable for the whole family.

Explore the area in any order you wish and enjoy a “forest” range of activities as you enjoy your new Maple Bacon Churro!  This amazingly good Churro that tastes just like breakfast is a traditional cinnamon-sugar Churro coated in a maple glaze and crumbled bacon!  MMM, MMM!

Maple Bacon Churro Spotted at Disney California Adventure Park!

Anything Maple Bacon, count me in!  I am a sucker for anything with a salty-sweet taste.  It is just so satisfying, so I am sure you can imagine the pairing of the breaded Churro, cinnamon and sugar, with a hint of salty bacon before a pow of maple. Is your mouth watering yet?  If so, you need to head on over to California Adventure Park for one of these Maple Bacon Churros as there is no telling how long they will last!

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