Main Street USA – Not Just A Road To The Castle

How many times have you speedwalked (or ran!) down Main Street USA so that you could get on Space/Thunder/Splash Mountain right when the Magic Kingdom opened? I know I am certainly guilty of ignoring Main Street in favor of other things, but there are MANY great reasons to slow down and enjoy the scenery on Main Street, and here are just a few:

Food – There are is so much delicious food available on Main Street that you could happily graze all day! Grab a delicious hot dog at Casey’s Corner followed by ice cream at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, Or some delicious baked goods at the Main Street Bakery, or candy at the Main Street Confectionary. If you are more in the mood for a sit down meal, try the Plaza Restaurant, Tony’s Town Square, or my personal favorite, the Crystal Palace , where they serve breakfast lunch and dinner buffet style and Pooh and friends come to visit! One thing is for sure, you won’t go hungry while on Main Street USA!

Shopping – There are some great shops along Main Street, including a jewelry store, a hat store, stores selling collectible figurines and art, and the biggest store of them all – the Emporium, which covers a whole block of Main Street, and is the largest gift shop in the whole Magic Kingdom!

Entertainment – There is always something happening on Main Street! Check out the barbershop quartet or the marching band for some (free!) high quality performances, or take a ride on the Main Street Trolley (this one is super fun, but usually only runs in the mornings, so get there early for a chance to take a horse-drawn ride down to the Castle!), or check out some fun character meet and greets – many happen around the entrance to Main Street, or you can check out Town Square Theater for some more character fun. Oh, and did you know you could get a haircut on Main Street? It’s true!

Atmosphere – Main Street USA was designed to be a replica of an early 20th century small American town, which was inspired largely by Walt Disney’s childhood. So when you enter Main Street, it really feels like you are walking into ‘small town America’, back to a time where things were simpler, when people took time out to slow down and enjoy the little things. Look closely at the windows with business names on them, and you will notice that they each have a connection to Disney, for example “Seven Summits Expeditions, Frank G. Wells President”. It’s nice to stop and take the time to notice all the little details that Disney puts into making their Parks such an amazing place to visit!

Oh, and one other thing – if you take your time and are strolling down Main Street in the morning, you can smell the delicious cookies and other baked goods being prepared, the smell alone is reason enough to stop and enjoy Main Street, its intoxicating!

My fave thing to do on Main Street? SHOP! I love the Emporium, they have something for everyone! What about you? What’s YOUR favorite Main Street USA activity?

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3 thoughts on “Main Street USA – Not Just A Road To The Castle

  1. I like to sit on the curb at the end of the day and watch all the families leaving. I don’t have to be a part of the crush, it allows the rest of my party to shop, and I just get to enjoy Disney through the eyes of others.

  2. Everyone says that they are in awe of the castle and how it completes them in some way and gives them goose bumps…not me! I fell in love the moment I set my eyes on Main Street. I can’t wait to return in Oct….food, music, Dooney and Burke, Balloons for sale, the smell, the looks…I love it all.

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