Craigslist Ticket Scam Continues to Upset Park Guests Plans

Online ticket scams continue to hit Disneyland in a big way this summer. Potential Disneyland park guests are paying money for bogus tickets. Recently, a Pleasanton woman bought 8 one day Disneyland Park Hopper passes for $800. Once she drove herself and her family on the six-hour trip to Disneyland she found out they were no good. Police have a suspect but no arrests have been made. What they have found out is the person that is allegedly selling the illegal tickets purchased them on July 19 and they were received on July 31st. Apparrently the suspect purchased and printed the passes but then cancelled them and voided the sale. This makes the tickets look real but are fake and are not able to get anyone in to Disneyland.

Another case of the Disneyland ticket scam that has happened recently, but are unrelated, is a 51-year old woman was arrested last summer for 10 similar scams. For some of the ticket scams, she met her victims at the Cheesecake Factory or P.F. Changs at Stoneridge Shopping Center and was “selling” three-day park hopper passes for between $250 and $300. The victims in this care are finding out that the tickets were never activated and the receipts that the suspect provided to prove the passes were valid were faked.


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  1. I don’t trust Craig’s List for anything. I was burned once and I am done. Why would someone buy Disneyland tickets on Craig’s List when they can buy directly through Disney, AAA or any of us Disney Travel Agents.

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