Live-Action ”Mulan” Costumes and Props Displayed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Mulan live-action

Just in time for its Premier Access release on Disney+, ”Mulan” will be displaying props and costumes from the film at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. Over 1000 costumes were made in total, with between three and five costumes for each of the 50 main actors. Each one presents startling attention to detail and cultural significance.

Both the live-action and cartoon versions of ”Mulan” have been based on” The Ballad of Mulan, ” a Chinese poem written circa 400 AD. The recent telling being a far more serious adaptation, focusing on themes of duty, identity, and female strength, designers sought to bring authenticity to the costumes. Since ”Mulan” is not associated with a particular dynasty, filmmakers instead drew inspiration from multiple dynasties, focusing more attention on the Tang Dynasty of 618 to 907 AD. The story is artfully done, of course not only highlighting the visual importance of action sequences but also of the representation of characters through their appearance.

It took 40 people over three months to complete the costumes for ”Mulan.” Every detail was carefully considered, from custom-dyed fabrics to hand-embroidered stitching. Particularly time-consuming were the costumes for Xianniang, a witch in the film. See more about Xianniang’s costumes in the video below.

The character of Mulan required multiple types of armor, produced by Weta Workshop in New Zealand. Her signature color was selected as red, which symbolizes both fire and joy in Chinese culture. Her father’s sword bears the Chinese symbols for ”loyal brave true.” See more about Mulan’s costumes in the video below.

”Mulan” is streaming on Disney+ with premier access starting today! See the film at home and then get a personal view of the costumes for a limited time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Photos and videos courtesy of Disney

Allison Luna