LEGO Rescue Rangers Project Is The Set We Need To Save The Day

Sometimes some crimes, go slipping through the cracks! That won’t be a worry though with this fun LEGO Rescue Rangers project! The Ranger Plane is up for consideration on LEGO Ideas, and we absolutely need it to become a reality!

LEGO Rescue Rangers

We love the LEGO Ideas projects. If you haven’t heard of LEGO Ideas before, it’s a creative website where builders can submit ideas for new LEGO builds. If a project gets enough votes, it can sometimes be made into a real set! We’re also huge fans of Rescue Rangers here at Chip and Co, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to share this epic new project idea!

LEGO Rescue Rangers

This idea consists of close to 500 pieces! That’s just enough to be challenging, but not so challenging that younger builders would be left out. It features the iconic Ranger Plane built by Gadget, plus minifigures members. There is also a stand designed to look like a part of a tree and a ladder for balancing the plane and extra play-ability.

The prototype design for the minifigures is already pretty perfect too! I absolutely love that they gave Monty a slice of cheese! We all know Monty can’t resist cheese!

While the LEGO Ideas Rescue Rangers project is just an idea, I really do hope this set becomes a reality! Be sure to check it out and show support for it HERE.

Which Disney inspired LEGO sets would you like to see come to life?

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