LEGO Ideas UP House Is An Adventurous Set We Want To See

LEGO Ideas UP House

We absolutely love scrolling the LEGO Ideas page to see what fun Disney creations people have come up with. Our latest favorite is this LEGO Ideas UP House project! It’s a replica of Carl and Ellie’s house complete with a large lego bouquet of balloons.

LEGO Ideas UP House

This LEGO Ideas project was created by markfaving1893. The designer Marco said that his girlfriend’s favorite movie was UP, so they shared this beautiful design. The external walls are also made with a lot of tiles in order to re-create the “angled wood effect” of the original house! I especially loved that they added a “Kevin” to the house design too!

In addition to Kevin, there are lots of other fun details, including Carl and Ellie’s chairs! This impressive build also counts at 2999 pieces. If you love this build, be sure to give it some love on the LEGO Ideas page.

Another amazing, and emotional UP inspired design comes from aleehc. It’s a design of Carl sitting in his chair, next to Ellie’s. OH MY HEART!!! You can also show this build some love on the LEGO Ideas page.

Would you like to see this gorgeous LEGO Ideas UP House, or Carl and Ellie chairs project become a reality? I know we would!

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