Amazing LEGO Ideas Walt Disney Firehouse LEGO Build

As you know we love the LEGO Ideas page! One of our latest finds is the Walt Disney Firehouse LEGO Build idea! This project proposal is for a LEGO design inspired by Walt’s Firehouse apartment in Disneyland. It even comes complete with the light on!

Walt Disney Firehouse LEGO Build

Walt Disney Firehouse LEGO

The Disneyland Fire Department infamously houses Walt’s very own apartment. This apartment was created as a place where Walt and his family could escape the crowds of Disney, while still soaking in the magic. The front of the build looks just like the facade of the Fire Station, and even has a fire engine, and a Walt mini figure.

The reverse side has a balcony and Walt’s apartment. There is even a lamp on the table on the window you can leave on! I also love the tiny Main Street details like the trash can, and lamp post.

The fire engine would also have a working light, and looks just like the one you can sometimes see rolling around Main Street U.S.A.!

Walt Disney Firehouse LEGO

While this is just an Ideas submission, with enough support these projects can become reality! So if you like it as much as we do, be sure to show it some love HERE.

Is the Walt Disney Firehouse LEGO project one you would like to see become a reality?

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