Leave A Legacy Removal Begins At Epcot

Leave A Legacy Removal At Epcot

Epcot is under even more construction! We noticed some work walls up for the start of the Leave A Legacy removal at Epcot.  As previously reported, this removal is only one step of the many changes coming to Epcot. Once removed, the monoliths will be relocated to a spot outside of the main entrance. Currently, the details of the specific location have not been announced.

The Leave A Legacy program started as a a way for guests to commemorate their visit or celebration. The program was launched in 2000 and discontinued in 2007. This program was very similar to the commemorative bricks located at Magic Kingdom’s main entrance. Oddly enough construction is occurring there as well. The major difference is that those bricks are being destroyed, not relocated.

Currently, Leave A Legacy removal work is only covering up the monoliths on the righthand side. However, the monoliths are still standing and exposed on the lefthand side. If you have a portrait or quote located on the left side, you may want to visit it soon! It’s only a matter of time until those monoliths are covered up for their removal and relocation.

With this construction going on it did take a little bit of extra time to get past Spaceship Earth. The work walls really take over most of the pathway on the right side. Hopefully construction will only be completed one side at a time. If it’s decided to remove both halves of Leave A Legacy at the same time, it will really interfere with the flow of traffic.


Thank you to @always_holliday for the video of the construction.

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  1. SO HAPPY EPCOT IS KEEPING LEAVE A LEGACY please let me know when they will be relocated and ready to view

    Regarding the Magic Kingdom Brick is there any way I could pay to have mine shipped to me please dont destroy

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