New Up! And Spaceship Earth Inspired Dresses Now Available

Get ready to float up up and away with two new stylish dresses now available at Disney’s Dress Shop. You can show off your Disney style in the new UP! and Spaceship Earth Inspired Dresses! Each dress has a very dapper style that includes vintage elements.

The grand and miraculous Spaceship Earth Dress is a stunning beauty. A vintage silhouette gives a flattering look with cap sleeves, a ruched top and, and shiny silver belt to pull it all together. You can find this beautiful frock inspired by the iconic Epcot landmark for $128.00 at The Dress Shop, and other select locations throughout the Disney Parks.

The UP! inspired dress is a beautiful sky blue, with a casual collar top that zips up in the front. Carl’s house floats up from the hem while the colorful balloons we all know and love embrace the side of the dress. The waist continues the balloon aesthetic, and we can see Russel floating along on the back with a bouquet of balloons as well. Just like the Spaceship Earth dress, this one also retails for $128.00.

Both dresses are perfect for Spring, and you can even top them off with matching Minnie Mouse Ears! Both UP! and Spaceship Earth ears can also be found at the Disney Parks to compliment these stunning dresses.

What do you think of the very dapper new UP! and Spaceship Earth Inspired Dresses?

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