Learn All About American History Through Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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Learn all about American History through Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

Outschool,  a website that offers video chat classes by teachers, allows children to learn while they’re out of school due to current Coronavirus concerns. There is now a one-time class, “American History Through Disney’s Magic Kingdom,” taught by Outschool teacher Courtney Stroll.

This class covers many aspects of American History by observing details within the Magic Kingdom. Some of the topics include colonization, the American Revolutionary War, and even the Liberty Tree!

The class is 60 minutes long and recommended for 9-13 year old children. The class will enroll anywhere from three to nine children for $10 per child. The next available class is being held on Thursday, April 9 from 2-3 p.m. (EST). You can enroll your child(ren) by clicking here!

What a fun way to learn about American History with a touch of Disney magic!

Photo source Outschool.

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