Kakamora Float Returns To Aloha Isle In The Magic Kingdom!

kakamora float

The famous Kakamora float swirled is way back to the Magic Kingdom!

This delicious treat debuted last year during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and it immediately became a must have!

But what is a “kakamora” you might ask? The kakamora are the little pirate warriors and thieves that tried to steal the heart of Te Fiti in Moana. Yes, we’re are talking about those little aggressive coconuts that are also super cute!

This refreshing treat is a coconut soft serve with pineapple juice and blue curaçao syrup, topped with a kakamora chocolate cake pop.

You can find the Kakamora float at Aloha Isle in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park for $6.99. Take a look at our review:


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