Jon Favreau Explains Why He Created “Baby Yoda”

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Baby Yoda
It’s been less than a month since The Mandalorian premiered and Baby Yoda fever is sweeping the nation. The show’s creator, Jon Favreau, gave insight on “The Child” and the future of the series in a recent interview.

When Yoda was introduced to the Star Wars saga, George Lucas kept the character’s background shrouded in mystery. That sense of mystery is what appealed to Jon Favreau when he started work on The Mandalorian. Jon Favreau explains, “We know who he (Yoda) is based on his behavior and what he stands for, but we don’t know a lot of details about where he comes from or his species. I think that’s why people are so curious about this little one of the same species.”

The decision to keep Baby Yoda a well-guarded secret was vital in his eyes. Jon wanted to recreate the experience movie-goers had when Star Wars first hit movie theaters. Disney was on board with his argument to keep Baby Yoda a surprise for viewers. They wanted to keep fans excited as a community. It feels more thrilling and engaging to watch a story unfold without any hints being revealed in advance. Discovering Baby Yoda for the first time is reminiscent of the experience Star Wars fans felt long ago when they first saw the films.

We’ll have to continue watching The Mandalorian to see what’s in store for these new characters! The show has an overarching story arc that fits into the larger Star Wars universe. Exploring the events that transpired between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens is a 25-year gap full of adventure and story-telling for the future.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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