Is Disney testing new paid Resort parking at Walt Disney World?


Hello there all you Disney gossip addicts! Hope everyone is ready for the New Year and the news I’m about to share!

So lately, Disney has been testing out paid parking at the Contemporary Resort, a policy they will likely be practicing at all of the resorts soon.  We think this has come about due to a large number of guests saying that they are visiting a resort but really parking there and going to the theme parks.

This is causing packed parking lots and leaving resort guest with a difficult time finding parking in their own resorts. Guests of the resort as well as those guest with dining reservations will still have free parking! However no longer will you be allowed to visit a resort with the intentions of just hanging out and still have free parking.

We are unsure how Disney will able to monitor this, our only thought is through our Magic bands which gives access to our dining reservations and which resort is our home resort.

How do you feel about paid parking at the resorts? Share your thoughts in the comment box below! 

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7 thoughts on “Is Disney testing new paid Resort parking at Walt Disney World?

  1. This is a ridiculous new way for Disney to get more money from people who are already paying 500% more for most things than they are worth. I feel it’s yet another rule and another method of control. ANY resort guest should be able to park anywhere for free. If it’s not working, it’s due to Disney’s greed in overbooking. Much like having to close the Magic Kingdom early in the day yesterday. Now I will have to PROVE that I have a reservation at a restaurant or that I am staying at a resort to get in. I already have to PROVE who I am quite enough while vacationing at WDW. I take out ID more at Disney than anywhere else I have ever visited or vacationed. It’s all getting very “big brother is watching.” We should start being afraid!

  2. I can see the problem and am glad they are trying to fixing it but at the same time like many others I like to resort hop and check out the different options. I think if you are staying on property you shouldnt have to pay but if you are staying off site then have a fee. Or have something like a mall has with your time in on a slip and say it cant exceed like 2 hours. Other than the three monorail resorts it is too hard to take transportation to different resorts. We had dinner at Captains grill last year and were staying at CBR. due to bad information from 3 different yacht club employees it took almost 2 hours to get back to our room. This year we are driving to non park dinners!

  3. So, a while ago a friend and I met another friend at Boardwalk and we ate at Big River Grille & Brew Works. I tried to park in self parking at Boardwalk but was told I could only do valet parking, for $25 as I didn’t have a reservation. So I drove over to Hollywood Studios and we walked up to the Boardwalk. You can not make a reservation for Big River Grille, so I felt that was a bit unfair. The problem is that , as with most everything else, it’s the people who don’t follow the rules that spoil it for others, who do.

  4. I have a timeshare so I stay off property. I am an Annual Passholder. I love to visit Port Orleans Riverside every time I visit because I stayed at this resort numerous times for 15 years, or so, since my first trip 23 years ago, when it was Dixie Landings. I just like to walk around inside the resort, visit Fulton’s General Store then take a leisurely stroll down the Sassagoula River to Port Orleans French Quarter and maybe enjoy a snack. I would hate to think I had to pay to visit there to spend my money. I do agree, however, that all guests that are staying there should have easy access to parking their vehicles.
    I don’t know how, but Disney should come up with a way to have “visitors” park in designated areas and if we don’t park in those designated areas haul our vehicle away, and charge a fee to reclaim it.

  5. That’s a tough one… Part of the way they get people to potentially stay at the resorts, is by letting them ‘check it out’. On the other hand, we’ve had our non-park ‘hotel hopping’ days cut short, because the lots were at capacity. Of course, if you just want to check out the hotels, you could always park at TTC, and take the rails/busses to the various resorts. It’s a little longer traveling that way, but you can avoid the closed lots.

  6. What! Pay for parking? One of our favorite things to do for a day is resort hop and grab a snack at the different eateries. I believe if you are staying at a Disney resort you should be able to visit other resorts without having to pay.

  7. Hmmmm….While I understand the thought, I guess it will depend on how much the parking is. Often it’s easier to park at a resort then take the boat or the monorail to one of the parks. However, I see their point that only guests and people with dining reservations should be allowed to park in the lot. I would just make a reservation for a meal – after all, there are no bad restaurants at any of the resorts!

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