Disney is adding mounted patrols and more security at Walt Disney World


It is being reported that Disney is adding to the additional security already in place at the Disney World theme parks and especially at Disney Springs! Sporadically you will notice members of the Orange County Sheriffs Department on horses patrolling Disney Springs. There are already 63 members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department employed by Disney patrolling the parks and resorts. It is mentioned that this was in the planning to begin next month even before the brawl that took place on Christmas Eve, which I am sure only confirmed the need for additional security.

When Disney was asked about the increase in security the response was via email from Disney spokesperson, Andrea Finger who stated:

“We have a comprehensive approach to security and continuously review our security procedures in collaboration with law enforcement,”

There are other measure already in place which have been slowly being added since the Paris and San Bernadino terrorist attacks such as metal detectors at all park entrances and no longer allowing anyone legally carrying a firearm check it with security, it must not be brought to the park. This goes back to the incident a few weeks ago when a Miami attorney attempted to bring in a firearm to the Magic Kingdom.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s department, Capt. Angelo Nieves said the horses had been used at Disney for security before he just couldn’t remember when, he also said being on horse back will give the law enforcement a higher advantage to be able to survey the crowds. It is also felt that the present of law enforcement on horse back will help with crowd control.

How do you feel about patrolling officers on horse back?

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