How To Order A Pumpkin Juice Just Like From Harry Potter At Starbucks

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter then you’ve definitely heard about pumpkin juice. It was served frequently during the meals at Hogwarts and is sold at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Since pumpkin spice is back out has a hack that you can order your own pumpkin juice just like your favorite wizards and witches.

How To Order

Start by ordering a Grande Apple Juice. Then ask for one pump of cinnamon dolce, one pump of chai, and two pumps of pumpkin spice. And finally, ask for light ice. That’s it! All of us muggles will be right at home with the wizarding crowd.

This isn’t on the normal Starbucks menu so make sure you bring the recipe with you. It’s definitely one for Potterheads to try!

Recipe and Pumpkin Juice Photos from here.

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Susan Wilson