How to Make Baby Yoda-inspired Cookies With a Simple Kitchen Hack

While many people are off baking Christmas cookies there are some that are making Baby Yoda cookies. The Mandalorian has become so popular and the Baby Yoda craze has only grown. Katy Atakturk went viral after she shared her clever way of making Baby Yoda-inspired cookies.

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The hack is that you take an angel cookie cutter and then cut the head off. She said you can do this before or after baking. It sounds kind of gruesome but it does make the perfect Baby Yoda shape.

It’s such a simple way to be able to bake some delicious and adorable cookies! This is definitely the way! Move over traditional Christmas cookies, The Mandalorian is here. For more Baby Yoda crafts see our post on how to make your own Baby Yoda paper snowflakes here.


Images are from Atakturk on Instagram here.

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Susan Wilson