Make your own Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

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Christmas is almost here and if you’re looking for a fun activity to do Anthony Herrera has some amazing paper snowflake templates. These templates are incredible and make paper snowflakes with your favorite Star Wars characters and icons. Anthony Herrera’s complete snowflake collection can be found here, but here are some favorites!

2012 Collection

The Ewoks may be one of the cutest creatures in the Star Wars universe (prior to Baby Yoda of course). Here’s the template for Ewoks.


Chewbacca is another beloved Star Wars character! You can make your own Wookie paper snowflake here.


Ahsoka Tano keeps growing in popularity and she also has her own snowflake. Download the template for Ahsoka here.

2013 Collection: Sithmas

The 2013 collection was dedicated to Sithmas. The bad guys got their own collection. First up is Darth Vader. You can’t have the Dark Side and not have one for him.

Boba Fett has always been a fan favorite but maybe even more so now. Here’s the template for a snowflake Boba Fett.

Another must-have for Sithmas is a Stormtrooper. The Stormtrooper template can be found here.

2014 Collection: Return of the Jedi

The 2014 Star Wars Snowflake collection had some bad creatures. The first is a Wampa. The snow creature that captures Luke Skywalker. Download the Wampa template here.

Jabba the Hut is another famous baddie. You can download the snowflake for Jabba here.

2015 Collection: The Force Awakens

The 2015 collection brought the Force Awakens characters. You can download the main characters from the new trilogy. The first up is BB-8.

For those that love the Dark Side here’s Kylo Ren. He actually has a couple of different snowflake options but the one with his lightsaber is epic. You can download that template here.

2016 Collection: Rogue One

The 2016 collection has the characters from Rogue One. This was one of my favorite Star Wars films. To also celebrate the return of some of these characters on Disney + here’s the template for Cassian Andor.

You can’t have Cassian without his smart-talking droid. So here’s the template for K-2so.

2018 Collection The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi was the 2018 collection. It featured some new creatures and some new faces as well. Probably everyone’s favorite was the Porg. You can download the Porg snowflake template here.

2019 Collection The Mandalorian

The 2019 collection will probably be the most popular. The Mandalorian has become such a hit and Baby Yoda has become the favorite among Star Wars fans. Here’s the snowflake template for The Mandalorian first.

And last but not least, here is the snowflake template for Baby Yoda.

There you have just a small look into the amazing paper snowflakes designs from Anthony Herrera. Make sure to visit Anthony Herrera Designs for even more amazing paper snowflake templates and other fun geek collections.

Susan Wilson