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    This must be an error. How can every ride be a Tier 1? Why would anyone go to this park (other than the obvious Star Wars land) and not be able to FP more than one ride. If true Disney has really lost its mind.

  2. 3

    Jen Sternberg

    Sure… make it more difficult for park visitors to obtain Fastpass options for popular attractions. This oesn’t make any sense…. as I thought the purpose of FP was to enable guests to access these attractions with little to no wait time? By doing this tier, it limits FP reservation opportunities. Not so smart, Disney.

  3. 2

    Susan Lenahan

    This makes absolutely no sense. It basically means you pay for admission and then you can only get a fast pass for 1 ride. What happened to incentivizing Passholders and resort guests?

  4. 1

    Vincent Viola

    I would think that when the new Star Wars rides (2 of them) finally open, the new Star Wars rides should be alone as tier 1 options (choosing only 1), all other rides should move down to two. Kind of like what has happened at Animal Kingdom when FOP and Navi River opened.

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