Harry Potter And The Triwizard Tournament – A Beginners Guide To Problem Solving

Always wanted to go to Hogwarts just like Harry Potter?

Well this is your chance to practice your magical knowledge while learning skills that will be useful in the muggle world as well, such as problem solving strategies and how to use them!

“Harry Potter and the Triwizard Tournament – A Beginners Guide to Problem Solving” is an online class offered by Outschool that teach kids to embrace problems rather then being afraid of them and how to solve them independently.

Apart from learning different problem solving methods, they will also be challenged to complete three different tasks similar to those seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! 

Sounds brilliant right? The class is $14 per learner aged 8 to 11 and you can register here! 

So grab your wand, quill and parchment and enjoy this magical class!

Ps: Please note that if your kid hasn’t read or watch the Harry Potter books or films, they may be at a disadvantage.

Credit: Outschool

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