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    Delia Woods

    I was fortunate to see the play.
    Would make a phenomenal movie!!!!!!!!

  2. 2


    Hell yea I do it and all cast comes back and make cursed child into a part 1 and part 2 movie out of it and it would be great

  3. 1


    Yes, Yes Yes!!! Bring them back . I know they would love to reprise their roles and characters in any Harry Potter. They have mentioned it in the press . I have no doubt they would agree . It would break box office records . Only time will tell when the movie is set to go in production and who will direct it . David Yates cant do because he directing The Fantastic Beast series. It would be David Haymen or Chistapher Columbus or some who directed some of the movies in the past . They have to have experience in past directing a Harry Potter movie . It would not fell the same if some never directed a Harry Potter movie . It would not feel the same . And a true Harry Pottet fan would notice the differance.l just cant wait.

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