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    Looks more like 3500 s.f. than 350!!

  2. 11


    Dumb waste of money. How old are the girls. In 5 years, tops they will be too old and too BIG to even play with it. So that junk will be sitting on grandparents’ land collecting dust for who knows how long. Don’t even get me thinking about tear down!

  3. 10


    “Leavitt builds luxury playhouses for clients in North America, as well as the UK, China, and Mexico.“
    Mexico is part of North America.

  4. 9


    It would have been nice to see pictures of each of the rooms. Or at least a floor plan. It was a good article otherwise.

  5. 8


    I would love to bring my step son here to show him he a jug Harry Potter fan. Beautiful.

  6. 7


    Amazing. I wish you were my grandparents ❤️. I would love to vacation there.

  7. 6


    I’d live in here 🤣🤣 Beautiful!!!

  8. 5


    Wow some of the comments on here are so rude. Shame on you folks.

    I just came down here to say that I wish these were my grandparents. This place is nicer than my house lol

  9. 4



  10. 3


    Beautiful! What is the price tag for the house?

  11. 2

    Sarah Alliv

    Why would you not take more pictures, in the article you talk about a fire place. That would have been great to see every angle. You should have done a vedio. Really cool the grandchildren get to experience this.

  12. 1


    You should really utilize spell check

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