Happily Ever After Christmas Light Display Mimics Walt Disney World Nighttime Show

Happily Ever After Light Show

Do you love Walt Disney World? Maybe their fireworks displays are your favorite part of the day and something about Christmas at the Disney Parks makes you feel young again. But unfortunately, not everyone gets to go to Disney World during the holidays. That means fans north of Orlando have to work a little harder to get their fix this time of year. Well, Disney fans in the El Paso, Texas area, you have a special opportunity to experience some Disney magic, to get out and see a spectacular display of music and light. The ”Happily Ever After” light show has officially begun!

Rae of Light Christmas Spectacular is ready to wow guests with their Disney-inspired Christmas light show this 2019 holiday season. The display is inspired by the Magic Kingdom’s own ”Happily Ever After” fireworks show at Walt Disney World. Lights are strung up all around, flashing colors that dance to music. The show even includes projected film clips from favorite films such as ”Moana” and ”Peter Pan,” as well as the exact same music played during the original ”Happily Ever After” show. It’s like having a bit of Walt Disney World in Texas!

The show debuted on Sunday, December 1st at 7 PM, and plans are to continue running the lights throughout the season. But even if you can’t make a drive out to see the Disney magic for yourself, a special video has been created so that we can all gaze at the wonder of it. If only all our houses could be as bright this Christmas season!

Photo courtesy of Rick Car

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Allison Luna