Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend By Changing the End of ‘Sleeping Beauty’

sleeping beauty proposal

Lee Loechler, filmmaker and clear professional at everything romantic, decided to really use his skills when popping the big question to his high school sweetheart. And Sthuthi David had no idea what she was going into when she was taken to a full theater to see Sleeping Beauty, her favorite movie.

To begin the proposal, Lee successfully changed the iconic ending of Sleeping Beauty to put himself as Prince Charming and his girlfriend as Aurora. Sthuthi was clearly confused but continued to watch, Lee watching her facial expressions the whole way through. The scene played out, Sthuthi slowly catching onto what was happening. To pop the question, Prince Charming “tossed” the ring to Lee and the rest was history!

The project was six months in the making and clearly worth it with her answer! How could anyone say no to a gesture like that? To watch the full proposal, click the link above!

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