Guest Assistance Card to Become Disabled Assistance Service

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There has been a lot of talk about the Guest Assistance Card. We posted a couple articles about some things we had heard floating around and it seems as though these changes are now slowly becoming a reality.

You may have heard already, but these changes were needed because of the abuse that was all over the news. I don’t like when people abuse anything. Especially because then it makes it harder for those of us that really do need this card.

For now, as far as I know, these changes will be taking place at Disneyland. I am pretty sure Disney World will soon follow. I think Disney’s system will probably closely resemble the Disneyland model, with the exception of the use of Magicbands which Disneyland does not have. It has been reported that the current GAC system will cease to exist as of Oct. 9, 2013. I know that date seems really close but remember we have been hearing about changes coming for a few months now.

The new system will be called Disabled Assistance Service.

The way it is now in Disneyland and California Adventure is, if you have a GAC you get a return pass, which works pretty much like a traditional fast pass.

Now with the DAS service it will go like this:

  • There will be Guest Relations kiosks set up all throughout the parks.
  • You tell the CM what ride you want to go on and they will check the current wait time on their iPad and then the CM will write out a return time on your DAS card. It is said they will subtract some travel time.
  • You can do whatever you want within that time. Just like with a traditional Fastpass.
  • Don’t forget, you must return within the time frame on the card, again just like a traditional Fastpass.

The way the GAC works now is you can enter through the Fastpass line to basically whatever ride you choose at whatever time you choose. I know there are different stamps for the GAC pertaining to different access for different disabilities. I hear that will also be no more. There will be just one DAS card for everyone who needs it. They will also encourage you to get a wheelchair( if your disability is physical)  instead of giving you the assistance. I know this because they have done this to me personally. To me that is inappropriate because as long as I can walk I will!

Currently the GAC is good for the length of your stay or if you are a passholder you can get it for 2 months at a time. As I have reported that has now changed. It is now good 2 weeks. I was told that this will continue down until you get it for one day and then no more. They are doing this to get all of the current GAC’s out of circulation. With the new DAS system the card will only be good for one day. However if you are staying for longer than that and you can prove it they may give it you for your length of stay.

Also your picture will be on the front of the card so they can verify that it is you that is in fact using the card and you are not passing it off to all of your family and friends.

It has also been rumored that DCA is making changes to their queue lines to accommodate wheelchairs and ECVs.

From what I have heard Disney World will also be associating a picture with the new GAC, or whatever they decide to call it. I was told that it will work with the new Magicbands. So if you are an annual passholder this will, or at least it should be, permanently associated with your Magicband. The CM I spoke to did not know how long the new card would be good for annual passholders but it should be a permanent thing in my opinion. Most of us who have disabilities will have them for life, unfortunately, so why make us have to constantly go back and ‘renew” something for a condition that is not going to change.

I know there a lot of questions as to how this will work for individual with Autism, well nothing has been said about that. I would imagine that Disney would not leave anyone out with the new rule change.

It has been said that Disney will allow CM’s to make a judgment as to who needs what service the most. Well let me say that Disney is smarter than that, they know that CM’s are not doctors and there is no way they can tell what is wrong with someone by just looking at them. I do not look disabled in any way. If you saw me you would never believe it but trust me I have many issues going on that are not seen. They are known as ‘Invisible Disabilities” and many of us have them.

I do hope this change is for the better but I have my doubts. Stay tuned because as soon as we know the latest so will you!

Wishing you Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


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