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    I’ve never seen the vomiting, poor kids. I am always in awe of the people who push their kids to the limits and the nastiness that I hear come out of their mouths. My theory is this is supposed to be the happiest place on earth…aside from my ADRs, I try not to plan to much and let my daughter decide what we do and if it seems like too much, we can always go back to the hotel for some chill out time. In fact, the one thing I usually regret is not spending more time at our awesome Disney hotels.

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    Amber MacNeil

    I want to be that kind of grandma some day!! Good for her! 🙂
    My first visit to Disney was with my grandparents and they were slow. By dinner time we hadn’t done much and I was kinda bored. (@_@) I want to be the grandma that keeps up and acts as a tour guide because I’m all about Disney!!

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    Alivia Chavira Charles Mcgrew

    Aww..poor thing… When we go to an amusement park with my Grandma (76 and still goin strong!) It gives us all a chance to relax and take the park in. She doesn’t walk slow but she paces herself for the all day event and we usually notice things that we didn’t before. We still do all the fun stuff, but it’s at a slower pace depending on who we’re with. And we always seem to meet more characters! 🙂 Ahh…any Disney times are good times.

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