Fans want Disney to bring back Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Fans are petitioning Disney to bring back the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. The Christmas light display left Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2016.

The show was an epic dancing light extravaganza that lit up the whole park! The lights danced to awesome Christmas songs by the likes of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and many other legendary Christmas artists. The display was a guest favorite and many were disappointed when it ended.

Here’s what the petition says on

“Does anyone else miss the Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios as much as I do? I know that the space is now being used by Galaxy’s edge but what if we can get it back somewhere else?

The Osborne Lights holds a very special place in my heart full of magical memories. I’d love to see them be brought back to life one day!”

The petition is only looking for 100 signatures and as of publication has reached 69.

Did you ever get to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights when it was at Disney World?

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4 thoughts on “Fans want Disney to bring back Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

  1. I thought oh I can see Christmas lights anywhere.. I got to see it the last year. OMG I was do wrong. It was amazing and magical.

  2. Yes, bring it back!! So much of nostalgic Disney has been removed.
    There’s places I don’t have any connection too. That part of the Magic is Gone.
    Cast members, who you got to know over the years, Gone.
    Shows that your children looked forward too each visit, Gone.
    It is no longer a place where dreams come true. Even Mr. Disney would not recognize his beloved Land.

  3. I liked it better when it went down Residential Street and you weren’t “PACKED” into the Streets of America. They didn’t have good control over the way pedestrian traffic moved (not really moving at all). In 2004, they were finally getting a little bit of control, but it was still terrible. You could not move, you would get separated from your group, and people would just stand and never move. I understand wanting to see the lights “dancing” but the area was not conducive for the lights and the heavy pedestrian traffic. There should have been one maybe two ways in, with traffic moving in one direction toward an exit down at the end near where Lights, Motors, Action was.

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