Fan Petitions for Disney’s ‘Little Einsteins’ to Get a Live-Action Movie

Fan Petitions for Disney’s ‘Little Einsteins‘ to Get a Live-Action Movie. Almost every parent of a young child since 2005 knows the iconic theme song for Disney’s Little Einsteins. The show followed Leo, Annie, Quincy and June on adventures that introduce kids to nature, world cultures and the arts. Each episode has a mission and journey of discovery that incorporates a celebrated piece of classical music and a renowned work of art or world culture. The Little Einsteins use their passion and talents to work together and solve challenges, but what ever happened to the mega-popular Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior series?

Long time fan of the show, Joseph Goodman, always wondered what happened to the series and why it never took off past a second season despite being on air for over a decade. Currently, Little Einsteins sits at 69-episodes for it’s two season run, but Joseph feels that it is time for a live-action film and a television revival. So much so that he started a petition on

Goodman shared in the petition, “Do you think Disney should do a live action Little Einsteins movie? I mean they never did a live action movie based on a TV show before. Paramount Pictures did with Dora The Explorer. I’m going to write to Disney about the idea and give it a shot. Little Einsteins is a fun TV show to watch but there is one complaint that I don’t like about the TV show and that is they made only two seasons. A lot of kids that are watching that TV show on Disney Junior and on Disney Plus now a days are never going to notice that but for me and other people who saw the show before that really bugs all of us because if you look at that final episode of Season 2 when Leo said ”See you on the next mission.” nothing really ever happened.”

Goodman continued, “What I hope for is that Disney will correct this in the future, Bring back the TV show and make more episodes. I’ve been planning to bring back the Little Einsteins TV show since 2014 and I’m still doing it today. When I get a job at the Walt Disney Company I’m going to come up with some Little Einsteins Season 3 episodes and ideas that the Disney Company has never scene before. The only way for the Walt Disney Company to bring back the TV show Little Einsteins is to do a live action Little Einsteins movie. The reason why I want Little Einsteins to be turned into a live action movie, not only to give the TV show a revival but give Disney a chance to do a live action movie based on a TV show and learn the mistakes of what Paramount did with Dora. I don’t want this movie to be a fail. Plus it’s the only way to bring back the TV show that we all know when we were kids. I need your help on some ideas and stories for the movie and I want some action and comedy in the movie. But done right.”

“I’m not remaking the TV show or repeating the episodes from the TV show in this live action Little Einsteins movie. This movie is going to talk about the back story behind Leo, Annie, June and Quincy on how they got their hobbies and talents, how they got together for the first time and how they became the Little Einsteins. We all know that Leo, Annie, June and Quincy became the Little Einsteins in the How we became the Little Einsteins the true story episode in the TV show. But in the live action Little Einsteins movie I want to have a backstory before that happened and how the kids got together the first time. It never explains in the TV show on how they got together.” Joseph added,  “Also I’m not trying to do what Paramount did with Dora. I want to keep the Little Einsteins as kids. If they become teens or adults in the movie then it would lose the look of the characters. I’m doing some steps at a time to get people to like Little Einsteins again. I’m doing the live action movie first and then bring back the TV show.”

Joseph also shard he is open to other suggestions for films or television series to be submitted to Walt Disney Studios, stating, “If you have an idea for the movie that I want to promote I’ll put it on my list and I’ll sent it over to the Walt Disney Studios. After all Disney still owns the rights to that TV show. Even though the show was cancelled over 10 years ago. Which a lot of people don’t like about the show. I think it’s about time Little Einsteins would not only get a revival for turning into a live action movie but bring back the TV show and start where they left off and do Season 3 and go from there. Because we already got Seasons 1 and 2 and we don’t need a reboot.”

What do you think of a live-action movie or television revival of Disney’s Little Einsteins? Would you want to see an origin story for Leo, Annie, June, and Quincy? Do you think the film or series should premiere on television or possibly on Disney+? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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