New Disney Spatulas Serve Up A Side Of Character Magic

Disney has been cooking up all sorts of great kitchen accessories lately! The newest goodies include these fun Disney Spatulas, which have quite a lot of character! We have found three different ones so far! The themes available include Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and also Toy Story!

The Toy Story spatula features Buzz Lightyear! This spatula is ready to take your pancake flipping to infinity and beyond! The flat part of the spatula is designed to look like Buzz’s helmet with him grinning confidently. Even the handle also has theming, with white and green color-blocking just like Buzz’s infamous space suit!

Cinderella’s spatula will have you bibbidi-bobbidi-booing in the kitchen! This spatula is inspired by Cinderella’s iconic carriage! It might not do magic… but you’ll feel like a Fairy Godmother making recipe wishes come true. I bet this would be perfect for flipping some delicious pumpkin spiced french toast, with caramelized pecans!

Last but not least is an enchanting spatula inspired by Beauty and the Beast! The Beauty and the Beast spatula features the infamous Enchanted Rose! A rose-shaped spatula rests atop a green handle to give it the complete rosy aesthetic. I bet you’ll be humming “Be our Guest” while making magical goodies! Hopefully, the dishes don’t start singing along.

These fun Disney Spatulas can be found throughout the Disney Parks. We have spotted them at the gift shops of the resorts, and at Magic Kingdom so far! Each spatula is sold separately, and each one also retails for $14.99!

Which of these magical spatulas is your favorite?

Special thanks to our friend Kevin for these fantastic photos! Be sure to check him out on Instagram for all of his great Disney adventures!

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