Being a Fake Federal Agent Will Not Get You Free Admission Into Epcot…

A 74-year old Florida resident, Emerito Pujol, tried to sneak into Disney World’s Epcot Center last Saturday without paying admission by claiming he was a federal agent. Pujol showed up at the ticket entrance of Epcot and showed an employee a badge and said he was an undercover officer who was looking for someone.

After security was called to further investigate the suspicious story; Pujol allegedly claimed that he was actually there to provide protection for someone important.  Police were then called to the scene where Pujol decided to admit to officers that he was only pretending to be  a federal agent in order to avoid paying the $94.79 cost of entrance. Police then found that his badge that he was flashing around was an “honorary member” badge from the American Federation of Police, a nonprofit organization.

Pujol has been arrested and is now facing  felony charges for impersonating an officer of the law.

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