Epic Line Up Of Star Wars Geeki Tiki Mugs Coming To Star Wars Celebration

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One of the things I absolutely love about special Star Wars events, is the exclusive merchandise! It looks like Beeline Creative is ready to kick off Star Wars Celebration with a bang, with exclusives and new releases. This epic line up of Star Wars Geeki Tiki Mugs is sweeter than an ice cold glass of blue milk!

How can something so that looks so good be so bad? Don’t be fooled, this is no moon, it’s a Death Star tiki mug, it looks as if it was perfectly carved from a coconut too!  This round Death Star mug will be available for $40.00 at Booths #1942 & #2623, and only while supplies last!

The 18 piece Mini Muglets Set features popular classic Star Wars characters, and comes in a Darth Vader Geeki Tiki shaped collector case! You’ll find this galactic set for a preorder of $180.00 at Booth #3319! Fans who pre-Order the Star Wars Mini Muglets Set will receive a Limited Edition “GOLD” C-3PO exclusive to Star Wars celebration! This fun set will be available after the Star Wars Celebration too.

Quite possibly one of the most debated sci-fi movie questions ever, is “Who shot first?” You can decide over a drinking game with the limited edition 2 Pack of Han vs. Greedo Geeki Tikis! The dueling 2 pack will be $50.00 and available at Booths #1942 and #2623.

Unleash the Rancor! This Star Wars Celebration Chicago Exclusive features a Rancor Geeki Tiki, with a removable Luke Skywalker Muglet! The Luke Skwaylker Muglet fits in the Rancor’s hand but is is removable, because Luke has to escape right? This set will be available at the Star Wars Celebration Official Show Store for $60.00.

I know I’ve been holding out on you with the star of the show! The Millennium Falcon Geeki Tiki set is more epic than words can describe. Fear not though, this is a first to market set, but not a SWC exclusive! Fans will have the opportunity to pre-Order the Millennium Falcon Set at the Celebration and receive a free set of 4 Star Wars Swizzle Sticks! However, this set will be available for all to purchase at a later date! The dashing Chewbacca and Han Solo Mini Muglets are also included in this set. You can pre-order this set for $100.00 at Booth #3319.

Other exciting offerings include an exclusive Star Wars Geeki Tikis Coaster Set, Geeki Tikis Swizzle Sticks, the return of Series 3 Mugs, and the first to market launch of the new Plastic Tumblers! The plastic tumblers can also be pre-ordered at FYE.

Which of these epic new Star Wars Geeki Tiki Mugs do you have your sights set on?