Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts Map Debuts on Opening Day


Festival of the Arts Map
Today is finally the opening day of Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts and we couldn’t be more excited! This also means that we now have access to the festival park map to see where everything will be taking place.

The map includes Epcot’s regular park information including the nighttime show- Epcot Forever, park rules, types of transportation to and from Epcot, and other info.

When you open the brochure, the Epcot park map is featured with festival booth locations noted. To the right of the map, a brief description of each of the marked locations is given- and they’re categorized for your convenience!

The back of the pamphlet features all of the exciting activities that are a part of the Festival of the Arts and a brief description of each.

We hope you get the chance to stop by the Festival of the Arts because there’s so many fun things to see- just look at that map. Figment would love to see you there too!

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