Epcot’s EGGstravaganza Takes You On A Easter Egg Hunt Around The World

Spring Egg Hunting brings back fond childhood memories for many of us.  Even if you do not celebrate Easter, an egg hunt is so much fun to do as a family.  Epcot’s EGGstravaganza will take you on a spectacular Disney-style egg hunt around the World Showcase.

Maps can be purchased from Pin Traders in Epcot’s Future World, or at the Disney Traders shop, in the Port of Entry area for Epcot’s World Showcase.  The cost for the map is $5.99 plus tax.  The object of the hunt is to visit each country around the World Showcase in search of a giant Disney Character Egg, placed strategically, somewhere within that country.  Some eggs are indoors and some are outdoors.  We can assure you that it was a bit challenging in a few of the countries this year!  We were also told that it is possible for the eggs to “move” from one week to the next.  Once you have identified the hidden egg for that country, place the appropriate sticker in the designated space on your map for that country.

Once you have identified all of the hidden eggs, bring your completed map to the Redemption Location, inside Disney Traders, to claim your prize.  You can choose from a variety of Character Eggs.  One egg choice for each completed map.

Are you ready for an Egg Hunt around the World?  We cannot think of a better place for an egg hunt than the Walt Disney World Resort.  Epcot’s EGGstravaganza is a great way to explore the World Showcase and learn something about other countries while enjoying some quality time with family and friends.

Will you be experiencing Epcot’s EGGstravaganza this Spring?  Please leave our comments in the box below.



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