Epcot’s Best Kept Secret – The World Showcase Wine Walk


One of Epcot’s best kept secrets is the World Showcase Wine Walk. For just $25 you can enjoy this year around tour in Epcot without having to wait for a special event like the Food & Wine or Flower & Garden Festival.

To get started all you need to do is purchase a Wine Walk Passport from any of the Wine Kiosks in the German, Italian or French Pavilions. The Wine Walk Passport comes with a map, list of available wines, and a suggested food pairing for each wine.

The Epcot Wine Walk includes six pre-selected wines, one red and one white in each country but unfortunately there are no substitutions.

You can choose between one of each wine (red/white) or you can select the same wine twice. Your Wine Walk does not expire so you can do your Wine Walk all in one day or space it out over a few days, just make sure you keep your receipt and your Wine Walk Passport, as you receive stamps on each stop.

The wines are delicious and certainly a value. Think of the Wine Walk as an adult version of the Kidcot Fun Station but with alcohol! This is a great activity to do after having a meal in Epcot while you are walking around the World Showcase.

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