Epcot’s Monorail Refurbishments Have Been Delayed

I reported to you earlier this month that there would be some schedule changes to the Epcot monorail system due to construction. Disney is planning some beam work. This would have pushed the opening times for the monorail back to 10am starting January 13th. It would have affected Monday, Tuesday,  and Wednesday’s schedule to give them the ability to get this work done. But now it appears there has been a delay for that scheduled work.


monorail at Epcot Flower and Garden
Disney has since stated that that work will be temporarily delayed. So as of now from January 13-15 and 20-22 the Epcot monorail will run starting at 7:30am. So this is lucky for those who have trips planned those days. Now there will not be an inconvenience in your transportation plans getting to and from Epcot. This construction however is still being planned to happen soon. So for those who it may affect in the near future here are some alternative methods of transportation to and from Disney’s Epcot.

The bus system can bring you to and from the Disney hotels or other Disney parks. The friendship ferry boats can bring you from the Epcot area hotels and Hollywood Studios.  Also, the new Skyliner system can give you access to Epcot from Pop Century, Art of Animation, Caribean Beach Resort, Hollywood Studios, as well as from Disney’s New Riviera Resort.  You should make note that these alternate routes of transportation can sometimes take longer than using the monorail system.  Please plan accordingly.

Check back with Chip and Co for those future construction plans and schedule change updates.

Source: Disney Parks

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Jenna-lee Languirand