Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Could Have it’s Own MagicBand


Hola ladies and gents! I know you already know who this is! You are correct it is “I” the amazing, incredible, Anonymouse. Today I have some pretty good gossip for all of you MagicBand collectors. I have been hearing that the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival will have it’s very own special MagicBand.

I know this is big, I love MagicBands and have a pretty good collection myself. But wait there is a catch, isn’t there always a catch? The catch is that you can only get the special band when you book a premium package add on. Which happened last year but you could only get it if you were staying on property and the cost was about $200 a person. We do not know how much it will cost this year, but I assuming it will be a bit more expensive.

What do you think?

Any who this all the Disney gossip I have for now. For my past gossip articles be sure to check them out here. Got any good gossip/rumors please email me at anonymouse@chipandco.com or on my Facebook page.

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