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When planning vacations I noticed recently there is an upswing of Walt Disney World vacationeers planning trips to Disneyland. I imagine there is some culture shock as to the amount of differences. For starters, they may wonder “Where’s Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Water Parks, or the massive hotels?” I’m here to help you with your Disneyland Planning for Disney World experts!

Pre-Planning: Let’s start with planning your trip, or working with your travel agent to plan your trip. The planning of your trip to Disneyland is a completely different process than booking at Walt Disney World (further known as WDW). I honestly tell people that there are times when I think that Disneyland and WDW are run by completely different companies who’ve never even spoken to each other. There are so many things that are that different!

Hotel Options: Disneyland offers three on-site hotel choices. These are two Moderate Resorts and one Deluxe Resort, Paradise Pier, Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. Each has many great amenities and are great places to stay. But what about a value resort? Well look across the street from Disneyland and you’ll see rows and rows of hotels. Some even closer to the entrance to Disneyland than Disney’s own hotels. These hotels have a relationship with Disney and are referred to as “Good Neighbor Hotels”. You or your Travel Agent can book these hotels as part of any Disneyland package. There are so many choices available that range from one to five stars. Including suite options.


Value: As someone who always wants the most value for my money, I like to share how you can utilize your vacation dollars in the best way. For me that means I almost always invest in the Disney Dining Plan at WDW. However, I don’t even consider it at Disneyland. Again, sometimes it’s like they don’t talk to WDW at all. Disneyland provides you ‘coupon vouchers’ for specific dollar amounts. You are essentially exchanging your money for coupons worth the exact same amount of money you paid for them, and you’re limiting the number of places you can spend at. There is no savings like in WDW where you can save up to 30% off your meals. However, I do recommend pre-paying for all your Character Dining plans and for your Photo Pass +. Plan out your number of days at the two parks and how many different times you’d like to dine with the characters. Perhaps hit up Plaza Inn for Breakfast with Minnie and Friends, then another day at Ariel’s Grotto for lunch with the Princesses. Just add these to your booking package and you’ll be ready to go.

Area Attractions: When booking your Disneyland trip keep in mind any other Southern California attractions you want to visit. During the booking process, Disneyland booking will allow you to add to your package, San Diego Zoo tickets, San Diego Safari Park tickets, SeaWorld tickets, and more. Most any tourist activity is available to add to your package. For those of you who have booked your Walt Disney World packages this will be completely foreign to you. WDW doesn’t offer this for any other area attractions.

Transportation:  The options available for transportation do not include Magical Express. You’ll want your travel agent to book a shuttle or rental car for you. Or you can take a cab.

I hope you find this information fun, new and worthwhile.

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