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    chunJames Ayers

    Do the same for Ontario and John Wayne in California for Disneyland.
    Easy Peasy and more time on the Monorail is never a bad thing.

  2. 8

    chunJames Ayers

    Easy, have Disney forbid airlines flying to and from Orlando to Change for checked baggage, then have Disney install a TSA Screen Area at WDW so everyone leaving can check all their stuff and get screened, then board a monorail to a secure area of the airport.
    Monorails exist and they are already in use at Orlando Airport, just run lines to the parks.

  3. 7


    I don’t fly in and out of Orlando very often, but I do know that anything that helps TSA has got to be better than the way things are now. I almost always have assistance to the gate, which takes the form of a wheelchair, even though I don’t normally need a wheelchair. I can stand and walk unaided, just not as far as the gates are, with a heavy carry-on. I very much do not like when TSA makes me sit in the wheelchair as they attempt to undress me and unpack my laptop, and then *help* me redress and repack … all the while the things on the belt behind mine are pushing my stuff to the end and I am sidling along to stay with it to pack faster … it’s pretty crazy! Then they’ll think they’re helping by moving it to a side table and by the time I’ve caught up with that I have no idea where they put my stuff tsk. Last time, DH and I thought it would be easier if we packed both our laptops in one bag … it was not TSK. And this was in Tampa! Yup, that is what they need, bigger *dressing* areas. I cannot imagine what it must be like when you’re traveling with young children, trying to make sure they don’t wander off while attending to your family’s belongings on the belt! Thank you Disney for trying to make it better! Wish we could see pics of this amazing concept!

  4. 6

    Carrie Skvarenina Funk

    I flew into/out of MCO 1 time back in 2004. NEVER again!!! We took our entire clinic staff plus our family. 15 of us would not fit into our 4 seat home built airplane!!!! We had 1 downs syndrome flying with us. We were practically strip searched by TSA. That is why I have made the 27 hour drive more times than I care to count! We HATE flying commercially and except for going to HA or Europe, avoid it at all cost. Learn to fly people!! You can rent airplanes just like you rent cars! Much easier than putting up with TSA!!!!!

  5. 5


    Can we get that for the rest of the country?

  6. 4

    Susan Dunn Sears

    Oh this can’t happen soon enough! I’m normally a very laid back, calm person but the TSA screening at Orlando made me crazy enough to write a complaint letter – the first time I’d ever written one. Love the FastPass idea

  7. 3


    I agree with Tom – this is a great idea, can’t wait to see it implemented.

  8. 2

    Joshua Wimberley

    Great idea! Ideally we would just do away with TSA all together but since that’s unlikely I’ll take anything that makes their abuse of power a little easier to swallow…

  9. 1


    I’m amazed that no one ever thought of something like this before. It could save *lots* of time and aggravation for everyone at the airport in general.

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