Disney World removes handles from Resort Mugs

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Disney World has removed the handles from their resort mugs today.

You might remember the mugs were redesigned at the end of last year with new graphics but now Disney has taken it a step further by removing the handle.


The change is happening resort wide starting today and I would expect whatever remaining handled mugs to be gone by the end of the week.

The price has not changed for these new mugs and we have heard many guest complaining about the new design.

What do you think?

Do you like the new design? Let us know own in the comment box below.


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18 thoughts on “Disney World removes handles from Resort Mugs

  1. Finally! Now the mug will fit in either the water bottle compartment of my bag or inside a purse. The mug looks so much better without the handle – I’m all for it.

  2. I liked them, but my husband is actually happy they’re taking them off. We do love some Disney mugs though.

  3. I LOVE it! Just got back today and we got 2 with handles and 2 without. Hubs and I both commented on how great it was to not have the handles. Our kids couldn’t have cared less about it more I don’t understand why people would take them into the parks. You can’t refill them there answer it’s more crap to keep up with/put on an an already overloaded stroller. I love that hey aren’t going to take up as muxh room in my cabinet and may work themselves into the rotation for coffee tumblers when headed to work. None of my Tervis or Yeti cups have handles and we use them all the time. The handle removal makes these more comparable and easier for daily use when we get home.

  4. Doesn’t bother me. Most places offering travel mugs are doing it. Makes it easier to put the cup in a cup holder (including the kind you can attach to a stroller). Takes up less cabinet space when you get home.

    Honestly don’t get all the dissent. Other than coffee mugs, how many cups in your house actually have handles?

  5. The handles were essential for us to clip the empty mug to a stroller (when we had toddlers) or backpacks.

  6. They should have introduced the no handle mugs and offered either for a while to see which people would rather have. I’m betting the no handled mugs would have been just sitting on the shelves collecting dust!

  7. This stinks, not a good idea. WE LOVE OUR HANDLED MUGS. We will never buy another mug. Period. The one souvenir we always bought. Just another thing DISNEY is getting rid of!!

  8. Not a good idea. If you have a hot beverage, such as coffee or hot chocolate, and there’s no handle, it becomes much easier to spill and get burned. A handle makes it easier, especially for younger children and adults who have difficulty with their hands due to arthritis or other disabilities. A handle is much easier than a plain cup. My sister has arthritis and her hands are permanently bent. She cannot grasp a mug but she can hold the handle. Will she be allowed to use a mug with a handle as an alternative since she has this disability? Perhaps bring her own and buy a sticker or something?

  9. Its a dumb move because I remember how it was so easy to carry multiple cups to refill them and take it back to the room along with carrying other things to the room too

  10. I think this is a very dumb move. Disney is supposed to be child friendly and removing the cup handles makes it so hard for families to carry multiple cups honestly if this is what u want to do then u should just do away with the cups altogether why not? What about a lanyard so we can hang it around our necks come on figure it out if this is going to be done there will be many unhappy people not cool

  11. Disney is a family vacation spot on you have to think of how they make the trip easier for families of all sizes I myself am going to be traveling with two young toddlers by the 8th of three my sister mother and my father. My father has bad arthritis in his hands and by not having two hands on the cup it was going to make it harder for him to pick up the cup my three year olds that are traveling my son and and nephew I’m not going to be able to be carrying a cup without a handle even with two hands there’s a possibility they going to spell it and what happens when you you are bringing the food to the table or you back to your room it’s going to make it harder to carry the food and the cops without the handle. It’s going to be an inconvenience for families if you take this off you going to create problems instead of fixing them if you take away the handles you might have to make cup holders like McDonald’s and Burger King has that you cannot be able to hold for cups at a time you have to think if you do that you’re going to be spending more money on making a cup holder that we just throw out when I’m done using and what if we stay there for new mercies we’re just going to have to keep using them and wasting money instead of making a handle so we can carry two three sometimes even five cups with the handle at a time and not waste all those cup holders thing about saving money maybe you can make a handle that addresses on top like some parks have and not on the side is all the ways of design in a cup without taking away the benefits of the handle thank you

  12. I personally don’t like the fact that you guys are thinking about getting rid of the handles because the handles makes it so much easier for people to carry the cops especially if they carry multiple cups what happens to little kids do you want the little kids to use two hands to carry because sometimes it’s easier just to carry the handle so unless you guys are going to put a strap on it but carrying around the neck or something you gotta think about making cup holders to put the multiple cops are going to cost more money than just putting individual handles on the cups of self what are you going to do for people who have arthritis and it’s going to be harder and painful for them to hold the cups being as wide as they are it only going to be saving a little bit of money by taking the handles away and it’s a family place make it easier for families not harder

  13. I think I you should have the handles on the cup because of the easiest to carry it be easier for mothers to carry their daughter or their son’s cups and without handles it’s harder for older people with arthritis in their hands the Carry the cups

  14. Disney getting people to leave these mugs at the resorts by making mugs harder to carry especially with kids……dumb move

  15. Hate the removal of the handles. Now, if you want to bring them with you to the park, you have to either carry the mugs or carry a bag instead of just clipping them into a belt loop or something. Much more inconvenient!

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