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    Beth Anne Saves

    This is very true! When we went to WDW when I was 6 and my sister was 2 about a week after we got back my sister got the chicken pox….my mom told me a few years ago that my dad thought he saw some little kid with the chicken pox on one of the lines….so it’s true people really do go no matter what! Esp b/c you can’t get refunds on anything!

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    Lynn Green Brooks

    Thanks for the reminder of meds that I need to pack.  I usually forget something and that one thing is what we usually need and have to go buy it.

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    your welcome. I LOVE it! I use it every single day. Its really super for those heels and flats that rub too!

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    Yes absolutely on the hand sanitizer. I have a small one I clip on my backpack so I see it more often.

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    Oh, and thanks for the tip about the Friction Block Stick.  I did not know such a thing existed, and I usually have blisters by the second day.

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    One thing that is not a medicine, but I would add is HAND SANITIZER.  This may help to prevent you from getting sick and needing the medicines.  Our daughter has a heart condition, so we really work to keep her from getting sick.  We go through lots of hand sanitizer during our trips.  She did have a cold last year, but that started the day after we got there, so obviously she was exposed before our trip, but the hand sanitizer helped to keep it from getting worse, and we were careful about trying to keep her from touching stuff to spread what she had.

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