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    Tina Mercer Cosgrove

    I am pretty much a rule follower.  However, My daughter turned 3 the week before we went to Disneyland and perhaps we may have fibbed and said she was still 3. 

  2. 5

    Lynn Green Brooks

    NOT GUILTY on all accounts.  I have seen ppl use their old refillable mugs.  The one I would love to do but won’t is the pool hopping  LOL  would love to play in the Beach Club’s pool

  3. 4

    Melissa White

    as a resort guest you shouldn’t be paying to park regardless! my understanding was that as long as you were a resort guest, you could park free at the parks – not sure what information you had to have to go through parking gates without paying though….i think the “sin” refers to someone who made an ADR locally and then used the monorail to go park hopping.

  4. 3


    I am guilty of the long term parking offense.  As I see it, I am PAYING to stay on Disney property AND PAYING to dine  in another hotel.  Then I am PAYING again to go into the park.  It’s not like I’m trying to ditch paying for parking at EPCOT, if I’m a Coronado guest eating at Cape May Cafe then catching Illumnations. 

  5. 1

    Robert Acosta

    Thankfully I am not guilty on all 5 counts 😀

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