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    I think it is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. PERIOD!!

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    I’m not sure how I’ll get my drinks and food all the way to the table without spilling it all over. I like the idea of reducing the use of straws,but not the lids. When its crowded at the CS, and people bump into you and your drink spills all over, I’m not sure this will be a good idea, atleast for me. I think we may end up bringing containers with lids and just filling them before I try and make it to a table or like at Columbia Harbor House go upstairs without a lid. All I envision is a lot of sticky pop on the floor!

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    Generally speaking, I’m definitely behind it WITH THE EXCEPTION for children, especially small children and toddlers and those with disabilities. In other words I would like to see the compromise of not serving the drinks with straws and lids but that they be available when needed.

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    Joshua Shane Owens

    I am behind this decision 100%. A moments convenience is not worth hurting our environment. Im sure disney will also be thoughtful of those with special needs.

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    What about adults who put the drink in the cupholder in the stroller? It will definitely spill. And what about not getting anything un your drink? A lid is like a roof for a cup. Straws are needed for people with disabilities. They need to think about the comfort of their customers before making such drastic changes. I’m a disney addict and this disappoints me.

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