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    Cheryl A. Dow

    The similar set up at the Grand Californian in California is meant for adults or kids. However, it also has a leg that you are supposed to put down to stabilize the bed (so it’s not floating in air). I would think that would prevent pressure on the wall unit from occurring. Wondering if the guest didn’t put down the leg or if the Riviera bed doesn’t have that feature?

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    Im SURE that the family involved in the Trundle Bed incident is going to sue, because that’s what people do these days… did the “mother” get UNDER the Trundle bed if it “fell on her? And why was the lady sleeping in the trundle bed anyway? They have a weight limit and are primarily used for kids. They declined any medical treatment, but “they cant discuss anything other than her Mother is in pain?”…… C’mon! Way to make a quick buck off a wholesome company who bends over backwards in helping charities and organizations! Shame on them. People like this are disgusting!

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