Disney warning guests not to use Trundle Beds at the Riviera Resort

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Guests staying at Disney’s Riviera Resort are being asked not to use the new pull-down trundle beds after an accident occurred on the first day of the resort opening.

This notice is being placed on the bed stating that the beds are out of order.

The notice reads:

“We apologize for the inconvenience. This trundle bed is out of order and for your safety, it cannot be used at this time. We want to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. If you planned to use this bed, please contact the Front Desk so alternative arrangements can be provided.”

A post in The Secret Disney Group is what prompted Disney to put all of the trundle beds out of order where the bed became detached from the wall and fell on a guest.

The guests alerted the front desk at the Riviera Resort immediately and Disney asked them if they needed to call 911. They declined assistance since the injury was only a bump and scrape, according to the post. The picture has been widely circulated on social media.

They recently posted an update stating Disney was very accommodating by giving them a newly upgraded room. Their mother is still in neck & back pain but following up with a doctor.
At the time they can not discuss further details because the situation is still ongoing.

No official statement has been released by Disney and I am sure they are playing on the side of caution and put the notices up on all of the beds till they can make sure they are 100% safe for all guests.


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2 thoughts on “Disney warning guests not to use Trundle Beds at the Riviera Resort

  1. The similar set up at the Grand Californian in California is meant for adults or kids. However, it also has a leg that you are supposed to put down to stabilize the bed (so it’s not floating in air). I would think that would prevent pressure on the wall unit from occurring. Wondering if the guest didn’t put down the leg or if the Riviera bed doesn’t have that feature?

  2. Im SURE that the family involved in the Trundle Bed incident is going to sue, because that’s what people do these days…Btw..how did the “mother” get UNDER the Trundle bed if it “fell on her? And why was the lady sleeping in the trundle bed anyway? They have a weight limit and are primarily used for kids. They declined any medical treatment, but “they cant discuss anything other than her Mother is in pain?”…… C’mon! Way to make a quick buck off a wholesome company who bends over backwards in helping charities and organizations! Shame on them. People like this are disgusting!

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