Disney Vacation Club significantly raises 2021 Annual Dues

The Disney Vacation Club is raising its 2021 annual dues for members. DVC members pay annual dues in association with their timeshare ownership. Those dues cover the operating costs of the resorts as well as property taxes and some allocation for long-term repairs and upgrades.

Take a look at the proposed figures for the 2021 year:

Resort 2020 Dues 2021 Dues Increase
Animal Kingdom Villas $7.6685 $8.0278 +4.68%
Aulani $8.3312 $8.3539 +0.27%
Bay Lake Tower $6.5770 $6.8998 +4.91%
Beach Club Villas $7.0634 $7.4373 +5.29%
BoardWalk Villas $7.3650 $7.8126 +6.08%
Boulder Ridge $7.7808 $8.1062 +4.18%
Copper Creek Villas $7.4471 $7.5903 +1.92%
Grand Californian $6.5985 $6.9927 +5.97%
Grand Floridian $6.5616 $6.8118 +3.81%
Hilton Head $9.1010 $9.9730 +9.58%
Old Key West $7.8363 $8.3578 +6.65%
Polynesian $6.7912 7.0542 +3.87%
Riviera $8.3082 $8.3833 +0.90%
Saratoga Springs $6.7650 $7.1110 +5.11%
Vero Beach $10.1257

Resorts being actively marketed by DVC like Copper Creek Villas & Cabins, Disney’s Riviera Resort and Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas will receive the lowest increase.

DVC dues have been steadily rising over the last several years as a result of union contracts designed to bring employee wages up to $15 per hour. 2021 will bring the final phase of this increase. Property taxes are also up modestly for most Walt Disney World properties.

The proposed budget is based on projected operating costs for the 2021 calendar year. There have been rumors of DVC members being eligible for a 2020 dues credit due to the COVID-19 closures. This hasn’t been confirmed but it seems logical that there would be a budget excess from 2020.

Are you a DVC member? What do you think about this increase?


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One thought on “Disney Vacation Club significantly raises 2021 Annual Dues

  1. I WAS a DVC member. Shortly after the lock down, I listed my two contracts in mid June. They went into escrow days later. One sold in August and the other this past week. Now that I see that dues are going UP and not discounted like I thought they would for 2021 due to the lock down, I’m shocked. Seeing this doesn’t surprise me. Disney has lost alot of money and they’re greedy. That’s the reward for being a DVC member? I had been with them since 2012. I saw the writing on the wall in June. Members will now be hard pressed to sell their once sought after timeshares without practically giving them away. The title company that I was dealing with said that they are selling but only to their Japanese clients looking for, I’m sure, desperate sellers. My heart goes out to members that were sold out by Disney. My advice is to get out now before you lose any more money. Stop the bleeding.

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